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Nice words from some of my clients.

Pamela H. Atlanta, GA, 3/5/2019 – Relaxing and made my soreness disappear. All-around divine. Warm towels, essential oils, and very calming.

Katherine C. Atlanta, GA 2/20/19 – Dana is awesome. She created a massage to meet my unique needs. She has fixed several of my issues like a really messed up shoulder several times. She goes that extra mile for her clients. And her place is such a relaxing experience. Check it out!

Pamela H. Atlanta, GA 2/18/19 – Dana is a passionate, skilled and caring massage therapist who provides a beautifully relaxing space in which to provide a therapeutic treatment that also feels good. Her training in various modalities; from aromatherapy to cupping to reflexology to Thai, ensures my body and spirit are both healthier and feel better.

Carol D. Atlanta, GA 2/10/2019 – Dana offers the best massage I have ever experienced. She really listens to your needs during the consultation and then executes the massage perfectly. Definitely my go to massage therapist. Simply th3 best!

Cathy H. Atlanta, GA 1/12/2019 – Dana Briley gives such a relaxing and therapeutic massage. I love the hot stone massage and the barefoot Ashiatsu. She is equally talented with massages to help sore muscles and tension as she is with gentle relaxing massages. I highly recommend her any time you need a massage!

Catherine S. Atlanta, GA 1/23/2019 – Dana is an amazing massage therapist. I love the hot stone massage and the Ashiatsu barefoot massage. I leave with my muscles relaxed and my stress and tension gone. I highly recommend her for sore muscles or a simply relaxing experience.

Jaime Chandra Atlanta, GA 12/5/2018 – Dana is the type of massage therapist that other massage therapists go to. She’s highly skilled, intuitive, and cares deeply about her clients. I love the different modalities that she customizes to my needs without charging an extra charge. Dana is a truly gifted healer and it highly recommended by this licensed massage therapist!

Andrea G. Atlanta, GA 10/8/2017 – Dana was amazing. Just what I needed. She was intuitive and communicative. She made me comfortable and worked out my kinks on short notice.

Shamalia R. Atlanta, GA 10/19/2016 – I highly recommend Dana at Highlands Healing, Hands. An exceptional massage experience from a therapist who actually listens to the clients needs, if you want to feel relaxed and renewed.

Leefa R. Atlanta, GA 2/26/2015 – Dana is an AMAZING massage therapist. She does Thai and Ashiatsu. I already loved the Thai massage and her “regular” massage. she really knows how to get those knots out! I tried the Ashiatsu yesterday and it was great – totally different experience, at times I couldn’t tell if she was using her hands or her feet! She also did Young Living Raindrop Technique, which uses essential oils for wellness and detoxification….A beautiful treatment for health and wellness.

Mitch B. East Point, GA 2/1/2015 – I highly recommend Dana at Highlands Healing Hands. I have been getting massages from Dana for around 15 years! She has treated me with traditional, therapeutic, hot stone, and her latest discipline of Ashiatsu. She is gifted in all of these disciplines to also offer a balanced relief that will settle the mind and spirit into complete relaxation. Dana takes the time beforehand to ask and choose a treatment that will provide the healing and relief that you need at the time. I have gifted and trust Dana to massage my mother whom needs a gentler therapeutic message for her fragile neck, spine, knee, and foot. She has had fusions and has no disks from the neck down. Dana is sensitive and very In tune with her therapeutic message. I am a bigger guy (225 lbs) and build stress from hard work (both muscular and mind/ spirit stress). Dana has the strength and commitment to work the tight muscles in my lower back and shoulders. She has specialized treatment for injuries like flare ups of tennis elbow, arm, leg, or joint pain as needed. I especially like the Ashiatsu and Hot Stones. Dana has the strength that I need and leaves me feeling like a big pile of relaxed “mush”!

Barb R. Decatur, GA 1/28/2015 – I have had several massages from Dana and she is wonderful and has many different types of massage based on my needs.  I love her deep tissue, acupressure, and has introduced me to Ashiatsu, my favorite.  She has become part of my health routine and stress reliever.  You will not be disappointed.  I gave some gift certificates for the holidays and my friends also commented about Dana and Highland Healing Hands being the best massage and spa atmosphere.The studio Spa is located just off of Ponce in the Highlands in a tranquil and relaxing neighborhood setting. Her studio is beautiful and quiet. She easies the mind and spirit equally with therapeutic music, aromatherapy, and healing touch. A clean in-studio shower is available before or after your message. I know Dana offers out call service at luxury hotels, sports medicine facilities, and private residence. You would be foolish not to have your message in her relaxing studio!

Randy N. Atlanta, GA 2/1/2015 – An exceptional massage experience from a therapist who actually listens to the clients needs. I have chronic pain in my shoulder and always get the deep tissue massage!! If you want to feel relaxed and renewed, I highly recommend going to see Dana!