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How do you like YOUR massage?

The best thing about going to an independent licensed massage therapist is the ability to train the therapist on how you like your massage. Every therapist has their own style, but every client has their own idea of what makes up a great massage. Some clients love to have long deep foot massage while some hate for anyone to touch their feet. Others really, really like facial and head massage, but some clients prefer not to have that work done at all. One persons deep tissue is another ones light work. How is the therapist to know?

An opening interview will help answer a lot. How was your last massage? Was it what you expected? Presser good? Table and room comfortable? Was it too hot or cold? Did you like the music? The fragrance? You as a client can help the therapist by giving them the information they need to give you the massage you want. They need medical info, drug intake. A look into your daily routine is also necessary. As well as what position you sleep in.

A experienced licensed therapist (like myself) has the intuitive skills to handle most of your needs. But, there is no mind reading! You need to communicate before you get on the table. As a experienced therapist, I depend on my first intake conversation to lead me. But, I discover many things with my hands when I’m working. The best time for me is the second massage, or even the third or fourth.

If the client has been open with communication I know exactly what they like and how to give them the best massage they have ever had. That’s what a personalized massage is all about… How do You Like It?