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Thai Massage -The Lazy Mans Yoga

thai-massage-A Lazy Mans Yoga...It's like someone doing yoga to you.
Thai massage dates back to ancient eastern medicine. Many forms of stretching have been done for 1000's of years. In Thailand,it is a part of everyday life. Most don't go to a professional to get Thai massage, they share the gift with family members daily. A gift handed down through generations.
I have a great deal of respect for most Asian modalities. The east have a strong understanding of the whole body connection and treating the cause and not just medicating the symptom. Thai massage is part of that.
It's very simple to me....
Muscle is attached to bone at both ends.The origin and insertion. If the muscle is tight, it limits your ability to move freely. It can also be painful. Any stretching is good.Yoga is excellent.But having someone educated in Thai massage  give you a deep therapeutic massage session is best by far.
 I offer Thai massage in several ways. I own a traditional Thai mat. Mat work on the floor is done fully clothed.This work is slow gentle stretching pushing you only as far as you want to go.But we start slow and increase little by little to achieve your full range.Some clients book 90 or 120 min. sessions and we do Thai on the mat then more traditional massage on the table.  This work can be intense for both you and me so we may need to work up to full on sessions,
I also offer Thai on the massage table.I combine traditional massage with Thai stretching. This is not as intense. but still gives you a great long stretch through out your body.
  I do another type of massage called Ashi Thai.This is a added part of the Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage.I use my feet to put you through a complete set of stretches
I believe stretching will make a big difference in your ability to enjoy your life with free movement. So come get Thai massage or Thai table massage or give Ashi Thai a try. But whatever you do........ find a way to stretch.

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