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Thai Massage -The Lazy Mans Yoga

thai-massage-A Lazy Mans Yoga...It's like someone doing yoga to you.
Thai massage dates back to ancient eastern medicine. Many forms of stretching have been done for 1000's of years. In Thailand,it is a part of everyday life. Most don't go to a professional to get Thai massage, they share the gift with family members daily. A gift handed down through generations.
I have a great deal of respect for most Asian modalities. The east have a strong understanding of the whole body connection and treating the cause and not just medicating the symptom.

Personalized Massage.....How Do You Like It?

massageThe best thing about going to a independent licensed massage therapist is the ability to train the therapist on how you like your massage.
Every therapist has their own style, but every client has their own idea of what makes up a great massage.
Some clients love to have long deep foot massage.some hate for anyone to touch their feet. Others really, really like facial and head massage, but some clients prefer not to have that work done at all.One persons deep tissue is another ones light work.

Mobile Massage

Mobile Massage is a massage that is done at the clients location. I began doing mobile massage while still in massage school in 1997 for free while I practiced. Mobile massage can be hard work. It's about sitting in Atlanta traffic to get to the clients location. Then unloading all the equipment  to take into the location and set it all up. Sometimes stairs are involved.
All this takes time .Some therapists refuse to do mobile massage ( sometimes called out calls) because of the amount of time and effort it takes.

Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Massage

A colleague   performing Ashiatsu massageI love doing Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Massage.I always start with my hands, but I can hardly wait to get to use my feet. Ashiatsu is not for everyone,but if you are seeking the most luxurious deep tissue massage on the planet......this is the massage for you.I love doing all the modalities I offer.But Ashiatsu is the most fun.

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Thai Massage -The Lazy Mans Yoga
Personalized Massage.....How Do You Like It?
Mobile Massage
Ashiatsu Barefoot Bar Massage


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Personalized Massage
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