Highlands Healing Hands Massage - Massage Should be Therapeutic and also Feel Good
A colleague performing Ashiatsu
Ashiatsu Barefoot  Bar Massage......The best deep massage on the planet.
A Deep Tissue Massage
 Mobile massage available
Ashiiatsu in Piedmont Park at the Green Market Atlanta,GA“Ashi” in Japanese means “foot.” “atsu” means “pressure.” It is known as “the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet.” Ashiatsu uses gravitational force & gliding effleurage, from the therapists feet instead of hands. Parallel bars attached to the ceiling are used for balance & proper weight distribution. The size and padding of clean, sanitized soles, provide a push-pull- pump technique that is not only deeper, but more comfortable than traditional massage. Feet vs. hands affect the clients’ parasympathetic nervous system greater, allowing them to dive deeper into relaxation. Therapists can achieve better, more satisfactory results for clients, sustaining fewer injuries to their own muscles & joints.
This can be very deep tissue. Lighter pressure can be requested. I just change the way I deliver the pressure to make it comfortable for you.
I have bars in both my locations. I also offer on location services with my portable bars that can be set up in 30 minutes.There is additional cost for this service.
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